Hi classmates,

As I volunteered during the first class, this post is a little guide on how we can use HTML tags in our blog posts and comments.

The above image is a screen shot of the wordpress.com interface, which we can type and make a post. Below the “Post” title there are various buttons, and we can apply different “effects”, just like what we do with MS word. All you need is do is to select the section you want to apply the effect, then click the button.

I am using this article from BBC news to demonstrate. (So I used the “link” button to create a hyperlink here.)

“President George W Bush’s nominee to be the new commander of US military forces in the Middle East has called for a “new and different” approach in Iraq.

Admiral William Fallon told a Senate confirmation hearing that “time is short” for the US to turn Iraq around.

  • His comments came on another day of bloodshed in Iraq.
  • About 40 people were killed across the country in a series of bomb and mortar attacks as Shia Muslims celebrated the festival of Ashura.
  • In the worst attack, a suicide bomber killed 19 people at a mosque in Baladruz, north-east of Baghdad.”

    As you can see, I used “b” to bold the word “George W Bush’s“, “i” to use italics with “new and different“. It’s useful to use “b-quote” function if you are citing something written by others, and in the example above, it’s applied from “Admiral William Fallon…” to “… celebrated the festival of Ashura”.

    If your opinion is to be written in point form, you can use “li”, as it’s shown in the two sentences within the block-quoted paragraphs. If you want to insert an image into the post, just press the “img” button. A box will appear, asking you to give the URL of the image. This is what I have done with the image above.

    This above are for the post. Things are little bit complicated with the comment part, but it should be alright. I will try to explain it as plain as possible…

    Basically, we will use only “b”, “i” and “link” functions in our comments, but since there is no button in the comment section, so we are needed to apply HTML tags. Every HTML tag begins and ends with “<” and “>”. So if you want to highlight a section of your comments, you can do it like this:

    <b>I wanna highlight this!</b> I will leave this part alone.

    which will appear as:

    I wanna highlight this! I will leave this part alone.

    This also applies to italics. But how we should do with hyperlinks? We have to use <a href=”URL address”> here. Let us return to the example above, which I created a link to a BBC story:

    <a href=”http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6314135.stm”>This is an article from BBC News.</a>

    and you will get this:

    This is an article from BBC News

    Remember you have to put a “/” at the end of the tag, otherwise you will mess up with your coding!

    Hope this “tutorial” is useful to you all. Happy blogging!



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