The Debate Over When To Intervene

February 11, 2009

A recent NY Times Sunday Book Review featured a review of two very different books on humanitarian intervention, a review which provides some useful political context to our R2P debates.

In one book (The Thin Blue Line: How Humanitarianism Went to War), “Conor Foley, an experienced relief worker, laments the transformation of humanitarianism into an aspect of politics,”  while in the other (The Responsibility to Protect: Ending Mass Atrocity Crimes Once and for All), “Gareth Evans, a doughty Australian politician and head of the International Crisis Group, argues for something like its institutionalization.”

Even if you don’t run out to purchase or borrow these books, the review itself is worth a read for students who would like more of a feel for some of the players in this debate.



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