Kiva – A Great Idea for Xmas

December 4, 2008


Just discovered Kiva.  I haven’t done any serious due diligence yet, but on the surface it appears to be a very cool model of social entrepreneurship.

Their gift certificates are a great idea for Xmas gifts.

(Hat Tip: The Human Level)


2 Responses to “Kiva – A Great Idea for Xmas”

  1. Tamara Says:

    Great to hear you are promoting Kiva on your website!

    If anyone is interested in getting more involved with Kiva, we have two great volunteer programs:

    Great to hear that you are a Kiva fan! If you (or your friends / family) are interested in getting more involved with Kiva, we have two core volunteer programs:

    • Kiva Fellows Program: Individuals spend 10 weeks to one year with a microfinance institution in a developing country, chronicling the lives of the working poor and assisting the microfinance institutions to maximize their relationship with Kiva. (

    ** We are still recruiting Portuguese, Nepali, Arabic and Vietnamese speakers for our KF7 class, departing in February 2009.

    • Kiva Translation Program: Volunteering from their own homes, individuals take entrepreneurs’ loan profiles written in the local language and translate to English, which are then posted for lending on Kiva Translators help bring the entrepreneurs’ stories to life for potential lenders. (

    ** Languages needed include: Bahasa Indonesia, French, Mongolian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

  2. lmcinhk Says:

    Thanks for the info. Lucy

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