Interested in Reform of US Foreign Assistance…

November 18, 2008

The Center for Strategic Studies (CSIS)’s Post Conflict Reconstruction Project has a put together a wiki that lists the latest writings on the need for US foreign assistance reform.  This is a good resource for graduate and undergraduate students looking into this topic.


2 Responses to “Interested in Reform of US Foreign Assistance…”

  1. Chui Ka Lun Says:

    Hi, I am a surgeon , aged 32. I have just completed my specialty training. I am thinking of getting my second degree. Reading from magazine that there is programme of MIPA in HKU, I find it interesting.
    I just wonder whether I am qualified to enter the programme.
    My Bachelor degree is from HKU MBBS.
    I would like to ask for your opinion on my situation and advice.


  2. Lucy Says:

    Ka Lun —

    To discuss this, send me an email at my HKU address:


    — Lucy

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